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Why Choose Hormone Pellet Therapy Over Other Treatments for Menopause - Hormone Replacement Therapy

Why Choose Hormone Pellet Therapy Over Other Treatments for Menopause?

Navigating menopause can be akin to steering a ship through uncharted waters. Every woman’s journey is unique, with waves of hot flashes, mood swings, sleep […]

Is Hormone Pellet Therapy Right for You - Evaluating the Pros and Cons - Hormone Replacement Therapy

Is Hormone Pellet Therapy Right for You? Evaluating the Pros and Cons

In the vast and evolving landscape of hormonal health, one treatment is gaining traction and sparking curiosity: Hormone Pellet Therapy. Like any therapy, it promises […]

Difference Between Androgen And Testosterone

Difference Between Androgen And Testosterone: An Insight Into The Male Hormones

While most of us are familiar with testosterone, we barely know the term androgen. In many sites, they define both testosterone and androgen as male […]

Symptoms Of Hormone Pellets

Symptoms Of Hormone Pellets Wearing Off: Time For Another Therapy Session

Yesterday, a patient came to me, complaining about his depression, weight gain, and grumpy mood. He had hormone pellet therapy half a year ago, and […]

David Nazarian M.D.

Highly trained and honored my the medical community, Dr. David Nazarian is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and trained in Anti Aging medicine and Bio Identical hormone replacement therapy. He implements the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology and treatment options. Dr. Nazarian specializes in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy in men & women. He has extensive training and knowledge in treating andropause and testosterone replacement therapy in men and menopause and estrogen replacement therapy in women. Supported by his experienced medical team, Dr. Nazarian treats men and women with hormone deficiencies and imbalances and enjoys the one-on-one relationship between patient and doctor.

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