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Courtney Dunnins

I have been suffering from menopause symptoms for some time and was looking for the best hormone replacement specialist in the area and a friend of mine recommended Dr. Nazarian and hormone replacement therapy Los Angeles to me…..I could not be more pleased with the results and how I have been feeling ever since I started bioidentical hormone replacement therapy with his office.

First of all, the office is beautiful and the staff extremely professional! The doctor is extremely thorough and knowledgeable in the field of HRT. What I admire about him and the way he practices medicine is his ability to listen to me in detail and ask me to do my own research and readings so I could be well-informed and make an informed decision. I am extremely happy with the care I have received thus far and would recommend this office to anyone looking to start bioidentical hormone therapy. THANK YOU!
Jim Benson

Jim Bronson

If you are looking for the best doctor to do HRT with, then look no further! The staff and office are immaculate, and the doctor is very versed in bio-identical hormone replacement and has been exceptional in getting my health where it needed to be. I have been using testosterone replacement with testosterone cypionate for a couple of years now, and I feel amazing! Thank you

Joseph Land

Feeling so much better after testosterone replacement therapy with Dr. Nazarian. I have been doing testosterone injections to optimize my low testosterone levels, and the difference is night and day. If you feel like you are suffering from Low T syndrome, don’t waste any more time and visit this wonderful medical clinic in Beverly Hills!
william luckheart

William Luckheart

Dr. David Nazarian is an expert in anti-aging medicine and hormone replacement therapy. His practice specializes in testosterone replacement therapy for men undergoing menopause, estradiol and estrogen replacement therapy for women undergoing menopause, as well as HGH replacement, thyroid optimization, vitamin replacement and more. He is a class of his own and I recommend him and his practice to anyone who is looking for a trusted and knowledgeable hormone replacement physician to deliver the results that they are looking for. Highly recommend!
mark lender

Mack Lender

I initially went to Doctor Nazarian for an executive physical examination and found out that one of the reasons why I have been feeling so fatigued and tired was due to my low testosterone levels. The doc went over all the risks and benefits of bio identical hormone replacement or HRT as they call it and explained all the benefits it could have for me. I was hestant to start to be honest at first but after doing some research I found out that I am not alone in this and at my age. Fast forward 6 months and I feel like a completely NEW person! I have lost weight and my energy levels have never been better!!!!!
channel ferras

Chanel Ferras

I’ve been looking for natural hormone replacement options for some time, and a friend recommended that I go here and see the good hormone doc! He listened to my concerns and made recommendations that made total sense to me, and what I was looking for…..staff is also really friendly and nice.¬†Great experience all around…: )

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