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Testosterone is responsible for many things such as hair growth, sex desire, and erection. Testosterone is produced by the testicles from puberty onward. It is the hormone responsible for all male sexual characteristics and it affects energy levels to a great degree as well.

By the age of 30, testosterone levels start decreasing. By 40, the normal level of testosterone starts decreasing by about 1 to 2% annually. By 50, the symptoms of low testosterone levels start appearing including libido, erectile dysfunction, weight gain, muscle loss, sleep problems, mood swings, low bone mass, hair loss, and fatigue of course.

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How to Fight Lack of Energy Resulting from Low Testosterone?

Fortunately, men can increase their energy levels in many ways. Here are 5 lifestyle changes men can try first.

It is important to ask your doctor if other health problems or medications can cause a lack of energy. For example, conditions such as sleep apnea and thyroid problems and medications such as narcotic painkillers and certain antidepressants can lead to a lack of energy and low testosterone levels.

Most daily testosterone is produced during sleep. Lack of sleep leads to low testosterone levels throughout the day. Getting a good night’s sleep can improve your fatigue significantly.

Consuming healthy foods can help you to improve your lack of energy. A mixture of fruits, vegetables, and animal fat can help prevent feelings of fatigue. It is recommended to drink alcohol moderately since too much alcohol can lead to fatigue and liver problems, which may decrease your testosterone levels.

Exercise increases testosterone levels naturally and helps you to boost your energy level, control your weight, and improve your overall health.

Studies show that depression can lead to low testosterone levels, especially in men over 40. It is true that SSRI drugs, which are used to treat depression, may interfere with sex drive and performance. However, other types of anti-depressive drugs can treat depression without interfering with the sex drive at all.

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Lack of Energy

If you still feel a lack of energy after checking and treating other testosterone-lowering conditions such as obesity, depression, anxiety, and diabetes, it may be time for testosterone replacement therapy. Some men feel better once they start their testosterone therapy. Others take a while and may try different types of testosterone therapies before restoring their normal level of energy.

The overall result is satisfying for most men since testosterone replacement therapy helps them to improve their energy levels and start feeling better again. It is important to remember that testosterone replacement therapy is not magic. Following a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly, consuming healthy foods, quitting smoking, and taking care of your body, in general, are important to get your energy back.

Tired of your lack of energy and want to feel young again? It is time to let us assess your health condition and see if you need our Testosterone Replacement Therapy Los Angeles or not. It is the best way to keep your energy levels up for the rest of your life.

Start your hormone replacement program today and become your best self

Start your hormone replacement program today and become your best self

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