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BPC-157 Peptide

BPC-157 Peptide - HRT

Although the FDA has yet to approve BPC-157 for humans, studies show that it has beneficial effects on stroke, schizophrenia, and spinal cord injury [1]. If you want to know more about BPC-157 and how it works, keep on reading.

BPC-157 peptide is available in injection and oral forms. If you want to discuss which one would be best for you, we strongly encourage you to talk to us at Hormone Replacement Therapy LA.

What is BPC-157 peptide?

BPC-157 is a synthetic variant of the naturally occurring peptide Body Protection Compound (BPC), which occurs in human gastric juice. It consists of 15 amino acids and has garnered attention for its potential therapeutic properties, such as gastrointestinal protective effects, wound and tissue repair, muscle recovery, and more.

How does BPC-157 work?

Gastrointestinal Healing

BPC-157 demonstrates remarkable GI protective properties. It promotes the repair of damaged tissues in the gastrointestinal tract. By enhancing blood flow and stimulating cell regeneration, it aids in healing ulcers, inflammatory bowel diseases, and other GI issues.

Angiogenesis and Blood Vessel Formation

One of its key actions is angiogenesis, which means it encourages the formation of new blood vessels. This process is crucial for tissue repair, wound healing, and overall health. By promoting blood vessel growth, BPC-157 contributes to tissue regeneration.

Collagen Synthesis and Anti-Aging

BPC-157 stimulates the production of collagen, a vital protein for skin, tendons, and connective tissues. Improved collagen synthesis leads to anti-aging effects, including smoother skin and reduced wrinkles.

Neurotransmitter Modulation

BPC-157 influences neurotransmitters in the brain. It increases dopamine and serotonin levels, which may contribute to pain relief and improved mood.

Cardioprotective Benefits

By promoting blood vessel growth, BPC-157 may benefit cardiovascular health. It could protect against heart-related issues.

What are the potential benefits of BPC-157?

  • Wound and Tissue Healing: BPC-157 accelerates wound healing and tissue repair. It’s particularly beneficial for injuries caused by corticosteroid use.
  • Lowered Blood Pressure: Some studies suggest that BPC-157 may help reduce blood pressure.
  • Muscle Recovery: Bodybuilders and athletes appreciate BPC-157 for its ability to enhance muscle recovery. It allows for greater training volume and frequency while minimizing pain.
  • Reduction in Fat Mass: As an anabolic peptide, BPC-157 may stimulate subcutaneous fat loss while promoting muscle hypertrophy and strength.
  • Anti-Aging Effects: BPC-157 stimulates collagen synthesis, which contributes to its anti-aging properties.
  • Increased Well-Being: BPC-157 provides significant pain relief by increasing dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain. Some patients have reported improved clarity of thought and reduced brain fog.
  • Gastrointestinal Health: BPC-157 has GI protective properties, alleviating issues such as ulcers, bowel problems, and Crohn’s disease.
  • Cardioprotective Attributes: It induces angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels), which contributes to heart health.

Is BPC-157 legal?

  • United States: BPC-157 is not approved by the FDA for human use. However, it is available for research purposes. Some people import it for personal use, but this is not without risks.
  • European Union: BPC-157 is not approved for human use within the EU and is classified as an unlicensed medicine.
  • Other Countries: Regulations differ widely. Some countries allow its use, while others strictly prohibit it.
  • Research and Veterinary Use: BPC-157 is commonly used in research and veterinary applications.

How it works

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How is BPC-157 administered?

Subcutaneous Injection (SubQ)

  • Recommended Route: SubQ injections are commonly used for BPC-157. The peptide is injected just beneath the skin.
  • Procedure: Clean the injection site, use a sterile needle, and inject the appropriate dosage subcutaneously.
  • Advantages: Easy self-administration, consistent absorption.
  • Disadvantages: May cause mild discomfort at the injection site.

Intramuscular Injection (IM)

  • Recommended Route: IM injections deliver BPC-157 directly into the muscle tissue.
  • Procedure: Sterilize the injection site, use a sterile needle, and inject the peptide into the muscle.
  • Advantages: Faster absorption than SubQ.
  • Disadvantages: Slightly more challenging to self-administer.

Oral Administration

  • Recommended Route: Oral BPC-157 is less common but still used.
  • Procedure: Swallow the peptide in capsule or tablet form.
  • Advantages: Convenient, no need for injections.
  • Disadvantages: Lower bioavailability; may be less effective.

Topical Application

  • Recommended Route: Rarely used, but some formulations allow topical application.
  • Procedure: Apply BPC-157 gel or cream directly to the skin.
  • Advantages: Non-invasive.
  • Disadvantages: Limited absorption through the skin.

Intravenous Injection (IV):

  • Recommended Route: IV administration is less common due to safety concerns.
  • Procedure: Administer BPC-157 directly into a vein.
  • Advantages: Rapid absorption.
  • Disadvantages: Requires professional administration.

What are the recommended dosages for BPC-157?

Subcutaneous Injection (SubQ)

  • Initial Dosage: Start with 250-500 mcg per day.
  • Maintenance: Gradually increase to 500-750 mcg daily (split into 2-3 injections).

Intramuscular Injection (IM)

  • Initial Dosage: Begin with 250-500 mcg injected into the muscle once or twice daily.
  • Maintenance: Increase to 500-750 mcg daily if needed.

Oral Administration

  • Dosage Range: Typically between 250-500 mcg per day.
  • Split Doses: Divide into two doses.

What are the potential side effects of BPC-157?

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Digestive Issues
  • Fatigue
  • Appetite Changes
  • Fluid Retention
  • Other effects such as dizziness, kidney stones, and fluctuations in blood sugar levels, have also been reported.

What are the potential side effects of BPC-157

BPC-157 effectiveness

Wound Repair

A review published in 2015 suggests that BPC-157 can promote wound healing. The study also suggests that this peptide increases the rate of fibroblast movements into damaged tissue, which helps facilitate faster wound healing. The research also suggests that BPC-157 could be a beneficial topical treatment for skin chemical burns, tissue formation, collagen deposition, and so on [2].

Another research suggested that BPC 157 could potentially induce complete healing of rectovaginal fistulas in rats, which is significant for future clinical applications [3].

Tendon Healing

Studies showed that healing tissues showed increased levels of bFGF, EFG, and VEGF using BPC-157. This means that the peptide can directly or indirectly increase hormone levels and growth factors to help tissue healing [4].


A 2020 study shows that the peptide decreases inflammatory cytokines, which helps stunt some of the pathways leading to cancer growth [5].

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