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Bio-identical hormones

We specialize in the treatment of testosterone deficiency in men, pre and post menopause in women, thyroid disorders, human chorionic gonadotropin, HGH and more.  


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Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Work With An Award-Winning Hormone Replacement Specialist In Beverly Hill.

Dr. David Nazarian is an award-winning bio-identical hormone replacement therapy specialist providing premier hormone replacement therapy right here in Los Angeles!

Hormone Replacement Therapy LA Specialities

Here is a list of the hormone replacement therapies offered


Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Our BHRT program offers alternate solutions to regular HRT treatment. Find out more about the benefits!


Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Find out whether you have low or high testosterone levels and let Dr. Nazarian help you with premier testosterone replacement therapy!


Menopause Hormone Treatment

Treat different ailments with premier hormone therapy to help you relieve the ailments that may come with menopause!

Dr. David Nazarian

Hormone replacement specialist

Welcome to Hormone Replacement Therapy, where Dr. David Nazarian has been successfully treating patients with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for over ten years in the heart of Beverly Hills. Our specialty is in integrative medicine and anti-aging medicine.


Dr. Nazarian is an award-winning hormone replacement specialist recognized for his holistic, diagnostic, and prognostic approach. Find out about the advanced treatment modalities that make him a specialist in this field.


Our Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is the premier treatment option for Los Angeles residents. We offer cutting-edge treatment using the latest diagnostic and screening equipment.


We make sure you go through comprehensive laboratory testing to determine your blood and hormone levels to ensure you get the best level of care you deserve. Find out more about our treatments here!

Dr. David Nazarian

David Nazarian
Dr. David Nazarian

What Tests We Offer To Determine Treatment

Here are some of the tests here in Hormone Replacement Therapy LA to charter your treatment’s best course.

Cardiac testing


Bone health testing


Pulmonary function testing


Comprehensive eye exam


Hearing exam

boiled-egg 1

Nutrition consultation with a nutritionist


Screening ultrasounds


Genetic testing

Premier Treatment In Los Angeles

We provide cutting-edge hormone treatment for anyone who needs it. Our specialized treatment ensures we provide the best care and charter the right course of action!

Hormone Replacement Therapy Los Angeles

Our holistic approach to hormone replacement therapy and alternative treatments ensures you get the best treatment needed!
We here at Hormone Replacement Therapy LA provide you with the following treatments:

Premier Hormone Replacement Therapy In LA

Our holistic approach to hormone replacement therapy and alternative treatments ensures you get the best treatment needed!


Are You Suffering From A Hormonal Imbalance?

4.8/5 based on 89 reviews
Let Dr. Nazarian treat a hormonal imbalance with cutting-edge treatments. We have a holistic, diagnostic, and prognostic approach to ensure proper care!
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Take Care Of Your Hormone Imbalances

Work with an award-winning specialist in Dr. David Nazarian and his top-class team to help you get premier hormone replacement therapy to fix your imbalances. We offer tailor-made care schedules specific to your needs. Our holistic approach and the use of high tech equipment and individualized care plan allows us to align your body in the most thorough, natural way.

Specialized Hormone Replacement Therapy

Work with Dr. Nazarian for the best hormone replacement therapy in Los Angeles and regulate your hormonal imbalance!

Check Out What The People We Treated Say About Us

See what the people we helped say about our treatment and level of care!

Been looking for natural hormone replacement options for some time and a friend recommended that I go here and see the good hormone doc! He listened to my concerns and made recommendations that made total sense to me and I was looking for.....staff is also really friendly and nice. Great experience all around...: )

channel ferras

Chanel Ferras



Feeling so much better after testosterone replacement therapy with Dr. Nazarian. I have been doing testosterone injections to optimize my low testosterone levels and the difference is night and day. If you feel like you are suffering from Low T syndrome, don't waste any more time and visit this wonderful medical clinic in Beverly Hills!


Joseph Land



If you are looking for the best doctor to do HRT with then look no more! The staff and office are immaculant and the doctor is very versed in bio identical hormone replacement and has been exceptional in getting my health where it needed to be. I have been using testosterone replacement with testosterone cypionate for a couple of years now and I feel amazing! Thank you

Jim Benson

Jim Bronson


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Hormone Replacement Therapy Los Angeles

Our award-winning team and the use of cutting-edge technology and methodologies ensure we provide the best care for you and help you regulate your hormone. Here are three of our most popular services:


Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Work with one of the best hormone replacement specialists to create a treatment plan with our alternate Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy program!


Specialized Treatment

Our treatment approach is holistic, and our focus on integrative medicine and anti-aging medicine ensures we provide you with specialized treatment.


Treating Menopausal Symptoms

Dr. David Nazarian is a specialist in treating menopausal symptoms with natural hormone treatments.

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