Decrease in Bone Mass - Hormone Replacement Therapy

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  • David Nazarian M.D.
  • July 12, 2021
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Decrease in Bone Mass

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Treatment of Osteoprosis

Treatment of Osteoprosis with HRT or hormone replacement therapy

A decrease in bone mass or osteoporosis is not only common in postmenopausal women, but also men, especially old men. Certain factors are the same in men and women such as exercise, diet, and medical conditions. However, low testosterone levels are the most common cause of decreased bone mass in men.

What Are the Osteoporosis Differences between Men and Women?

When women enter menopause, a decline in their estrogen levels occurs. This decline results in accelerating the thinning and loss of trabecular bone, which is the spongy part inside the hard cortical bone.

The bone loss in men is related to the decline in producing testosterone and estradiol, which is a type of estrogen. Men do not experience trabecular bone loss. Instead, they experience trabecular thinning. Therefore, the rate of bone loss in men is slower than in women and the loss of bone mineral density is smaller.

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Testosterone Deficiency and Osteoporosis

After the age of 40, testosterone levels start declining fast. When men reach the age of 70, the bone density decreases. Men do not experience as many hormonal changes as women. However, osteoporosis in most men results from low hormonal levels, especially testosterone.


Many factors contribute to testosterone deficiency including:

The decline in hormone levels in men is not as significant as in women, especially after menopause. However, it can be enough to have negative effects on bone mineral density. Age, testosterone deficiency, and decrease in bone mass are connected in old men.

Prostate cancer leads to testosterone deficiency and cancer treatments, which usually include hormonal therapy, also feeds off of testosterone.

Long-term treatment using glucocorticoids is usually used in asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. It is a type of steroid that reduces testosterone levels significantly in the long run.

Hypogonadism means that the man’s body cannot produce enough testosterone. Usually, men with hypogonadism are born that way and the condition may develop due to certain illnesses or injuries.

Lifestyle changes including exercising regularly and following a healthy diet are the first line of treating osteoporosis. Medications may be added later if the condition does not improve over time.

Men who suffer from a significant decrease in their bone mass should consider additional options including testosterone replacement therapy.

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy for bone loss in men

Testosterone replacement therapy of TRT is the best option for men who have low testosterone levels. It is a hormonal replacement therapy that can be administered , transdermally through patches or a gel, via implants, or through injections.

TRT is used to treat nearly all conditions caused by low testosterone levels including a decrease in bone mass, hair loss, low sex drive, and metabolic problems.

Studies show that men with osteoporosis who undergo TRT show a significant increase in their bone density. Once testosterone reaches its optimal levels, the decrease in bone mass reverses.

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Osteoporosis

Bioidential hormone treatment with estradiol/estrogen, progesterone and testosterone can help reverse and prevent osteoporosis in women.

If you are experiencing a decrease in your bone mass or have been suffering from osteoporosis for a while, it may be time to consider testosterone replacement therapy. Our Testosterone Replacement Therapy Los Angeles will help you to make your bones as strong as they used to be.

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