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Hormone Imbalance: What to Look Out For

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Hormones are considered messengers that determine the way your organs and cells function. They are very important chemicals in your body that need to remain balanced for optimal health. However, it is normal that your hormones shift at certain times in your life. For women, this includes before and during your menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and menopause. For men, natural aging, medications, and mental health can affect your hormones. If you are worried that your hormones are imbalanced, you should contact your doctor for an appointment. Below you will find some red flags that should alert you to a hormone imbalance.

1. Irregular Period

For women, if you’re period isn’t arriving in the normal intervals that it usually does, it may be due to a hormone imbalance. Also, if you skip months this should be a cause for concern. However, keep in mind that the birth control you use may be causing this. Or, you could be pregnant.

2. Acne

If you are still getting acne outside of puberty and before your menstrual cycle (for women), it could be your hormones. Excess hormones can cause your glands to overwork and clog your pores which can cause acne.

3. Stomach Issues

Are you constantly bloated, nauseous, suffer from intense stomach pain, or diarrhea? This could be your hormones alerting you that something is wrong. Changes in hormones can cause changes in your digestive process.

4. Mood

If you are feeling depressed or moody most of the time, you may have some hormonal imbalances. Research has shown that drops in hormones or quick changes in the level of hormones in your body can be linked to moodiness and depression.

5. Sex Drive

If your libido had dropped significantly, you may have a hormone imbalance issue. If you go from wanting (or having) sex a few times a week to nothing at all this should alert you that you need to talk to your doctor.

6. Sleep and Fatigue

Both can cause major issues in your daily life. However, an inability to get a full night’s rest can cause you to feel tired and moody. If you are chronically tired there could be something else at play. Checking your hormone levels and talking with your doctor is important as rest is a key component to your physical health and mental well-being.

7. Brain Fog

While this is not a medical term, it refers to issues with your memory and recall. If you are having trouble remembering things or becoming especially forgetful, your hormones may be the cause.

8. Hot Flashes

For women, these are often related to a change in estrogen levels. A hot flash can last between 30 seconds to 10 minutes and involves a sudden feeling of heat in the upper part of the body. They can happen as often as multiple times an hour to as little as just once a week depending on the person.

9. Vaginal Changes

For women, you may experience vaginal dryness which can make sex uncomfortable. If you are experiencing vaginal dryness more than you normally would, it could be your hormones.

10. Weight Gain

If you are packing on the pounds with no real changes in your diet or exercise routine, talk with your doctor. This could mean a number of things related to your hormones. Instead of going without help, get some tips from your doctor on how to stay at a healthy weight.

Hormone Replacement Therapy in Los Angeles, California

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