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Best Antidepressant for Adrenal Fatigue: No More Stressing Over Life

Best Antidepressant For Adrenal Fatigue

Is adrenal fatigue a clinical myth? Is the condition curable? What does adrenal fatigue have to do with depressants? Let me answer the questions one by one.

Adrenal fatigue is not clinically established, but doctors do not ignore the possibility of this health phenomenon. Unfortunately, proper medications and diagnoses are yet to come to light. So, the practitioners go with the symptomatic treatments for adrenal fatigue.

Lastly, the claimed signs of adrenal fatigue sometimes look similar to depression. Or, this fatigue might lead to depressive symptoms. Hence, antidepressants have found their link to adrenal fatigue.

The following article discusses the best antidepressant for adrenal fatigue and other possible remedies.

Best Antidepressant For Adrenal Fatigue

best antidepressant for adrenal fatigue

Adrenal fatigue and depressive symptoms might overlap in a few points. But, again, depression can arise as a less common sign of adrenal fatigue, so people often get confused between these two conditions. In addition, the legitimacy and lack of proper diagnosis of adrenal fatigue have added another layer of uncertainty in distinguishing between these two health phenomena.

Unfortunately, there is no scientifically proven method of curing adrenal fatigue. Therefore, health practitioners often go with symptomatic treatments to ease the patients’ pain. They might prescribe antidepressants in such conditions as depression signs are more apparent.

However, the drug suggestion is also justified to some extent. For example, patients often claim to have adrenal fatigue while, in reality, they are experiencing seasonal affective disorder or situational depression.

The 5 best antidepressants for such conditions are,


Zoloft, the widely popular sertraline, works well fighting back fatigue and constant drained mood. The drug lifts your spirit, improves the sleep cycle, and gives you back your lost energy.

Remember, Zoloft can be a curse if you continue taking this drug with underlying medical histories. It is not safe for those on pimozide or who have taken MAO inhibitors in the past two weeks. Zoloft also poses health hazards for those treated with methylene blue injection.

You better disclose your complete medical history to the doctor to avoid undesired circumstances. Symptoms like fast heartbeat, hallucination, sweating, muscle stiffness, etc., after taking Zoloft require emergency medical attention. In addition, diarrhea, dry mouth, nausea, etc., are the common side effects of this drug.


Lexapro is another SSRI drug used for getting rid of depression and anxiety. The med works fine for adults and children over 12 years old. However, suicidal thoughts are expected after the first few dosages of Lexapro. Hence, doctors do not prescribe this drug to adolescents.

Lexapro aids in fighting dark emotions and bringing back a healthy lifestyle. But, anyhow, you might have to experience the undesired side effects of this drug too. Hallucination, fast heart rate, excessive sweating, and muscle stiffness call for a medical emergency.

The drug can also backfire in underlying diseases or previous medical histories. Therefore, practitioners encourage coming clean about all the past conditions and treatments before taking Lexapro.


Prozac has been in the market for a long time and stands as one of the most effective antidepressants. The drug works wonders for adults and kids over 8 years. However, depressional thoughts, impaired judgment, weight fluctuation, drowsiness, trouble sleeping, dizziness, etc., are the common side effects of Prozac. So, taking extra precautions is mandatory while on this antidepressant.

Prozac will not suit you if you are on pimozide, have a history with methylene blue injection, or MAO inhibitor. Hence, reading the leaflet and consulting with the doctor beforehand is always recommended.


Celexa stands more effective in treating primary stage depression. Lexapro, Prozac, and Zoloft suit better in major depressive disorder or MDD.

Doctors hardly prescribe Celexa to children or adolescents under 18, except for rare cases. Studies indicate that this antidepressant instigates suicidal behavior in younger ones under 25.

Apart from that, this drug has side effects like nausea, tiredness, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, excessive sweating, aggression, etc. In addition, symptoms like short breath, pounding heartbeat with chronic chest pain, and sudden or frequent dizziness are not usual, and emergency medical attention is required.

Never decide to buy and continue Celexa without a prescription. The drug can backfire if combined with certain medications. Hence, tell your doctor about your ongoing and past health conditions and treatments to avoid the risk.


Paroxetine has made quite the name in the antidepressant industry. Recent studies have supported the effectiveness of this drug in curing depression and anxiety. Practitioners often prescribe this med for other treatments too.

More than half the consumers feel a more relaxed and less anxious mood after switching to paroxetine. However, there will be side effects like mood swings, forgetfulness, headache, nervousness, weakness, less libido, etc. Besides, the patients often experience suicidal thoughts while on this antidepressant, seeking extra attention.

Taking paroxetine without consulting your medical history with the doctor is not a smart move. It can cause permanent health damage and even pose a life threat. Hence, only continue taking paroxetine after going through all the potential consequences.

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Can Antidepressants Help With Adrenal Fatigue?

Unfortunately, antidepressants would do a little good if you have adrenal fatigue. Reportedly, antidepressants make the whole situation worse. Many sufferers have claimed that SSRIs convert adrenal fatigue into chronic fatigue.

No method has been discovered yet to determine adrenal fatigue. People blindly trust the cortisol level to diagnose this condition. Saliva and blood tests are available for measuring cortisol fluctuation. Among these two, saliva diagnosis is more precise as it can detect low cortisol levels.

The lack of a diagnosis method is definitely an obstacle in treating adrenal fatigue. Moreover, there are no specific symptoms of this condition, making the phenomenon more doubtful and vague.

Again, the signs of adrenal fatigue often overlap with depressional symptoms. Hence, doctors prescribe antidepressants as they think it is the only way out of this condition. Eventually, the drugs make the patients suicidal, bring behavioral changes, cause mood swings, aggression, and undesired side effects. The mistake is standard, as adrenal fatigue is not yet established as a proper health concern.

Luckily, the practitioners now have been taking adrenal fatigue seriously. They are going for symptomatic treatments, which are adequate to an extent. The doctors have shown reg flags to the local-unlabeled meds and discouraged using them. They suggest that lifestyle changes and mild drugs can help overcome fatigue.

Pregnenolone Dosage For Adrenal Fatigue

While conventional medicines are failing to treat adrenal fatigue, Pregnenolone has proven its effectiveness over the years. Taking one or two tablets (5 to 10 milligrams) of Pregnenolone every day for a certain period cures adrenal fatigue. The dosage might increase depending on the condition and hormone level.

You might frown upon the suggestion of Pregnenolone for treating adrenal fatigue. I understand your doubt. But before judging too soon, hear me out.

Constant and prolonged stress drops the cortisol level causing adrenal fatigue. Right? Well, partially, yes.

Many of us do not know that hormones like progesterone, testosterone, and DHEA are also connected to adrenal fatigue? What if you get the magic formula to sort out this imbalance? Here comes the role of Pregnenolone.

Pregnenolone, the mother hormone, aids in DHEA, testosterone, progesterone, and cortisol production. Hence, taking a pregnenolone supplement will bring back the lost balance, promoting your healthy being.

Usually, doctors suggest starting the supplement with a low dosage of 10 mg. The degree will increase once you get adapted to the Pregnenolone. As per a report, this supplement is safe up to 700 mg, but you should never cross the limit without asking your practitioner.

Best Time To Take Pregnenolone For Adrenal Fatigue

According to most practitioners, the dinner hour is the appropriate time for taking pregnenolone. However, a few experts beg to differ. They think taking these pills extracts the most benefits out of them.

Pregnenolone has its shining sides, for example,

  • You get to say goodbye to the constant tiring mood.
  • A happy and cheerful day is in the process.
  • No more trouble sleeping.
  • Your brain functions improve surprisingly.

However, this supplement has a few drawbacks that you can not ignore. Many consumers have experienced drowsiness or a sudden surge of anxiety while on pregnenolone. It is why experts suggest taking this supplement at night before bedtime.

Final Thoughts

Let your doctor decide which is the best antidepressant for adrenal fatigue. Taking SSRIs without proper diagnosis increases health risk and might cause premature death. Hence, refrain from buying these drugs without a prescription. But, again, antidepressants might not be necessary at all. In most cases, minor changes in lifestyle with a proper supplement are enough to fight back adrenal fatigue.

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