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Androgen Receptors in Shoulders: All You Need to Know

Androgen Receptors In Shoulders

Have you ever wondered why boys enjoy such muscular shoulders? Maybe they are doing something right, or they have a biological advantage. The answer is both.

The male body contains a high level of testosterone hormone that carries all the masculinity trails. But to use the hormone in their favor, the body needs to activate androgen receptors.

Surprisingly, the androgen receptors in shoulders present in a higher concentration. It is why getting sexy and pumped-up shoulder blades is less hassle than building abs.

The following article offers an insight into the relationship between androgen receptors and shoulder muscles with the tricks of unleashing AR sensitivity. 

Androgen Receptor: What Do Androgen Receptors Do?

If I ask you which hormone influences masculinity, you will scream, testosterone. Of course, you are right. But little do we know that testosterone belongs to the androgen hormone groups.

Androgen influences masculinity and helps pump up the body with the growth of bones. Testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) are the most prominent in controlling male characteristics among all androgen hormones. 

Androgen does its magic by activating its receptors.

So, how do you activate androgen receptors? See, ARs are located throughout the body muscles and tissues. But they only get activated when any androgenic hormones, especially testosterone and DHT, are in a bond.

The male bodies have more androgen than female bodies. As these receptors have a specific effect on muscles, men enjoy masculinity and a more pumped-up structure than women.

Influence Of Androgen Receptors In Shoulder Muscles

Androgen Receptors in Shoulders

The gym guys, on steroids, get the sexy and athletic-looking shoulders a lot sooner. Why is such discrimination? After all, they are practicing the same workouts every day. Right? Well, anabolic-androgenic steroids are the differentiator here.

A team of 4 researchers had experimented on the link of steroids between the body muscles. The study says that steroid, the artificial hormone, works better on the shoulder and neck muscles. How do steroids do such a thing?

Let me explain in simple words.

You already know testosterone, the male hormone, has a significant impact on male bodybuilding and growth. Steroids or AAS (Anabolic Androgenic Steroids) represent the synthetic form of that testosterone. These hormones can do a little to the body if the AR or androgen receptors are not activated.

AR is present in almost all human fiber myonuclei, with a few exceptions. The myonuclei containing androgen receptors are the main game-changers here. The more a muscle has AR containing myonuclei, the more it will pump up.

Researchers have proved that self-administrative steroids with strength training highers the number of AR present myonuclei in the shoulder muscles. So, with this artificial hormone, the sexy shoulder blades are a few steps away.

The study has also shed light on the link between steroids and leg muscles. Surprisingly, there is barely any difference in those muscles and no noticeable change like the shoulder blades.

It concludes that anabolic androgenic steroids activate the androgen receptors in the body. Due to some biological reasons, the receptors work more efficiently on the shoulder muscles than any fibers on the body. A high-power training with the intake of steroids is the perfect shortcut to building a top-notch shoulder cut.

Steroid Shoulders: Measuring The Benefits & Risks 

Steroids have a better effect on the shoulders. The high concentration of androgen receptors in shoulders is why unimaginable muscle growth is possible in a short time frame. Steroids are top priorities for many athletes and gym freaks to enhance muscle and repair strain fast.

It sounds like the anabolic androgenic steroids are all packed for benefits. Is everything good about steroids? Or does artificial testosterone have potential side effects?

Let’s measure both the benefits and risks of steroids.

Advantages of steroids

  • Increased muscle mass, protein synthesis, and strength
  • Fast muscle tissue damage recovery
  • Enhanced muscle tolerance
  • Burn excess body fat
  • Boost energy and productivity 
  • Improved blood health
  • Prevent bone mass and mineral loss

Side effects of steroids

  • Increased risk of liver damage and heart diseases
  • Growing a grumpy, aggressive, and impulsive mood
  • Baldness
  • Shrinkage and reduced function of testes
  • Infertility 
  • Hormonal imbalance

The benefits of anabolic-androgenic steroids are indeed tempting. But the drawbacks of this synthetic testosterone are not something you should ignore.

A planned steroid treatment under an experienced practitioner always minimizes the risk. On the other hand, the impulsive decision and following the advice from the so-called internet experts always hit you back. Again, any underlying disease might resist the steroid and do permanent damage.

Artificial steroids are undoubtedly an excellent move to bulk up your shoulder muscle and power up your workout pattern. Do not harm yourself in the desire of having pumped up shoulders. Instead, measure the risks and then make your decision.

Tren Delts: Safe or Unsafe?

The anabolic androgenic steroid is the easiest option for muscle growth beyond the natural limit. Synthetic testosterone takes the responsibility to bulk up your muscle strength and power by activating the androgen receptors.

Deltoid muscles contain a higher ratio of androgen receptors. Self-administrative steroids with regular power training soon convert the lean shoulder muscles into a beast.

Different types and brand steroids are available in the market and given the plethora of choices, getting confused is normal. Tren or trenbolone is an effective steroid for muscling up and burning out the fat. Instead of being effective, the steroid is banned and illegal in many states and countries.

The steroid is now only used in livestock to increase muscle mass and appetite. So, yes, if you take tern, it will be illegal. The steroid has side effects like elevated cholesterol, blood pressure, less libido, acne, premature hair loss, etc.

Many bodybuilders and athletes choose this illegal and risky path of strengthening the deltoids with tren. I discourage you from doing such a foolish act. Instead, talk to a professional and choose your steroid journey safe. We at hormone replacement therapy Los Angeles have extensive experience in diagnosis and treating testosterone deficiency in men. We can schedule a phone consultation and discuss your symptoms and treatment options. If you not able to come in for an in person visit, we can order lab test to be done at your location. We can then send you testosterone replacement therapy and any prescriptions called into a pharmacy near you. We can then follow up with your care and make sure you optimize your testosterone levels correctly.

Book Consultation With Hormone Doctor Today ! We are also providing telehealth or virtual consults as well. If you have used anabolic steroids and need assistance with the symptoms you are feeling, we can help you as well.

Do Shoulders Have More Androgen Receptors?

Shoulders, the upper and middle chest, and neck have more androgen receptors than your leg muscles or most body parts. These receptors influence your body’s muscular growth. So, having high concentrated AR in the shoulder areas helps achieve a pumped-up body with minimum training.

But wait. The receptors are only activated when the androgen hormones bind to each other. Anabolic-androgenic steroids come in handy to boost the task. The steroids are synthetic testosterone, which works similarly to natural ones. Certain food habits and lifestyles can also influence androgen receptor sensitivity like steroids.

How Do You Increase Androgen Receptors Naturally?

Androgen receptors can boost muscle growth and strength. But activating them would require synthetic testosterone or steroids. In most cases, taking steroids knocks back at your door with side effects, such as baldness, infertility, testicle shrinkage, etc. 

Why would you endure all these drawbacks? It is possible to increase AR response naturally. Yes, a few changes in your lifestyle can boost androgen receptor activity and help muscle growth.

Such ways are,

Intermittent Fast: I am sure you are familiar with this patterned fasting. The eating pattern helps burn fat, sharpen cognitive function, and improve insulin sensitivity. 16-hour fasting and 8 hours feasting windows are the healthiest way to follow intermittent fasting.

Scientists have proved that intermittent fasting has a noticeable effect on androgen receptors. It helps in binding testosterone and DHT, activating the AR. The testosterone level shoots up like crazy when the person takes his meals. 

Power Training: Lifting weights and doing resistance training increase the testosterone level. Not only that, but the lifestyle also regulates AR protein expression. Besides, the workouts increase muscle mass naturally.

Protein Intake: Protein helps your body produce more androgen receptors. Drinking protein shakes before and after the workout is highly recommendable.

Protein increases testosterone production in your body and assists in metabolism simulation. Not only that, it decreases muscle breakdown and freezes the blocked androgen receptors in the body.

Carnitine: Almost all meat and fish include natural carnitine. The compound increases mitochondria in the body and produces energy for further use. As a result, the androgen receptor activity within the cell improves, and your muscle mass grows.

Caffeine: Coffee, the source of caffeine, is the power booster for anything. Recent studies have shown that this hot beverage increases AR response and testosterone production.

Sleep: Studies have proved that less sleep can block the free androgen receptors, which affect muscle development. 8 to 10 hours of sleep is enough to activate the receptors naturally.


The androgen receptors in shoulders and neck effect come in handy for bodybuilders and athletes. A safe amount of steroids with high strength training help them get bulked and pumped-up muscles in a shorter time frame than usual.

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