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Not Losing Weight on TRT: Is It Normal?

Not Losing Weight On TRT

The fact that weight loss increases exponentially with the increased dosage of testosterone is well established in the medical industry. But what if I tell you not everyone loses weight on TRT (testosterone replacement therapy).

I have dealt with a few patients who gained pounds instead of losing after the testosterone therapy. Not losing weight on TRT is nothing serious in most cases and avoidable with the proper approach.

Do not panic if you are facing issues with burning fats on TRT. I have added the details on how to recover from the weight gain condition in the following article.

Not Losing Weight On TRT: Here Is Why

You lose weight and get a leaner body with TRT or testosterone replacement therapy. Right? Well, not always.

Cases of getting fat on TRT often surface on the help forums and medical blog posts. If you are experiencing weight gain right after your testosterone therapy, do not worry. The sudden weight fluctuation is normal among a few individuals.

Each body reacts to testosterone therapy in different ways. While most patients shred extra body pounds, a significant portion fails to burn the fat. Honestly, it is not their fault.

Studies suggest that a few patients might react to the testosterone hormone differently. They might fatten up on TRT due to water retention.

Again, you may have misunderstood the whole idea of testosterone hormone therapy. You will not magically lose weight after a session. A balanced diet and a regular workout schedule are mandatory to get a leaner and more muscular body, even while on TRT.

So, if you are struggling to lose weight, check with your lifestyle. The chances are you are not leading the healthy routine you should have been. If you still fail to burn fats, consult your practitioner. 

How To Burn Fat On TRT

Not Losing Weight on TRT: Is It Normal?

Unfortunately, the TRT weight loss advantage might fail in a few cases. Well, you can not blame the therapy for such backlash. I can think of two reasons why testosterone therapy ends up increasing the patient’s weight:

  1. He has an underlying health condition
  2. He is far from the recommended balanced lifestyle

If you fall in the first group, take advice from an expert and go through the proper check-up process. Suggesting anything without knowing your present health condition and past medical history is at risk. But if you belong to the second category, I have just the tricks for you.

See, the right amount of testosterone in men aids in losing weight, waist size, bulking up the muscles, lifting the mood, and so on. The hormone level is high during teenage life and decreases after 30. With the growing age, the testosterone ratio suffers a severe drop that affects appearance and health.

What happens if you can manage the testosterone level to rise? Of course, you will be able to ignore the undesired effects of low testosterone, and TRT can be your company on this journey.

TRT of testosterone replacement therapy is tremendously popular to level out the hormone imbalance. The primary advantage of this therapy is that you get to lose weight even with growing age.

But here is the thing.

You still have to eat healthily and do regular workouts to enjoy the benefit. I am not referring to a strict diet and heavy gym exercises. A conscious meal plan and simple cardio will be enough to stay in shape. Eating like a pig and doing no physical activities is definitely going to fatten up.

Try out the following widely accepted techniques to burn fats on rapid weight gain on TRT.

1. Track What Is Going Inside

Diet affects your body fat and muscle mass. But thanks to the TRT, you do not fall in the ordinary category.

A study suggests that men on TRT lose only body fat preserving the muscle. On the other hand, men who only maintain strict meals lose weight and muscle mass.

Still, do not eat whatever your tummy desires but your body deserves. Testosterone therapy will not affect your weight loss journey unless you maintain a calorie deficit diet. Many experts recommend zero-carb meal habits, but of course, you do not have to go that far.

Planning the meals calculating the calories will be okay to shred the extra fat from the body. Add more fresh vegetables, lean proteins, good fat, and vitamin D to your diet list to witness the change.

Intermittent fasting is an excellent scientific concept to burn fat and increase the testosterone hormone and androgen receptor sensitivity. Eight hours of fasting followed by 16 hours fasting window is the ideal way to enjoy the benefits of intermittent fasting.

In short, you must eat healthy meals and within the limit, no matter how you approach your food habit.

2. Never Say No To Workouts

You can not skip physical activities if you want to shred weight on TRT. Research suggests that having a high BMI decreases the effectiveness of the therapy. So, gaining body fat on TRT signals you to start moving your body.

Regular workouts offer various benefits for the men on testosterone therapy. Weight-bearing exercises boost the testosterone level and enhance the ability to perform strength training. So, you can enjoy twofold advantages with your daily workout session.

What kind of exercise should you try? Of course, it depends on your age and ability. You can follow the routine given below,

Aerobic Exercise  20 minutes
Stretch  10 minutes
Strength Training  30 minutes
Aerobic Exercises 20 minutes

Manage the timetable and workout lists as you see fit. If you are a gym freak, focus on cardio and HIIT training to lose fat fast.

3. Do Not Act Old

Say goodbye to the fatigue and depressed mood caused by the low testosterone. TRT elevates the activity and energy level to an extent. Different studies support that a boost in the activity level shares a close link to weight loss.

While on TRT, the dosage will push you to perform higher physical activities. Your responsibility is to respond to the urge and try out some moves.

4. Sleep Could Help

Interrupted sleep cycles lead to a grumpy and irritated mood. Not only that, but it also causes blockages to the free testosterone and decreases the androgen receptor sensitivity.

Gaining weight is likely if you are not getting enough sleep, even when on TRT. I recommend you sleep for 8 to 10 hours every day. Eliminate all the distractions before going to bed to avoid interruptions.

Will TRT Help Me Lose Weight?

TRT does help in burning harmful body fat. All the conducted experiments suggest the same thing.

Studies claim that an adult man on long-term testosterone dosage will lose 20% of his body weight over the years. On the contrary, someone with no TRT will gain 4% body fat with growing age.

TRT promotes muscle mass growth and eliminates fat, not to mention the boost in the metabolism this therapy offers. As a result, the users experience a lean and solid body.

The testosterone therapy also blocks estrogen production. A higher level of estrogen damages the physical and sexual appearance of men. Not only that, the session lifts the mood and improves the energy level to a greater degree.

How Long Does It Take To Lose Weight On TRT?

Weight loss on TRT is a slow but continuous process. Generally, 4% of bodyweight reduction occurs in the first year of therapy and 13% in the next 5 years. The percentage can go up depending on the metabolism and body capabilities.

Here is a reminder.

TRT will not magically vanish your body fat. You still have to eat a balanced diet and do regular workouts. The testosterone will only smoothen the journey and help you lose weight in a short period.


Do not panic if you are not losing weight on TRT. The chances are you are eating unhealthy and not doing enough physical activities. Start working on your lifestyle, and soon, you will get your desired body.

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