Differences Between Lack of Motivation vs. Laziness

Differences Between Lack Of Motivation Vs. Laziness

Mornings usually start with plans, preparations, and purpose. However, many wake up with plans but locate themselves scrolling on their phones or doing exactly nothing somewhere in the middle. They often ask the same question: “Am I lazy or have a lack of motivation?”

People often consider laziness and lack of motivation similar or two sides of the same coin. However, laziness and lack of motivation are entirely different; they are chalk and cheese.

Laziness is a choice, unwillingness to put enough effort towards something; lack of motivation is not to consider that ‘Something’ even exists – therefore, absolutely no effort.

If you are sitting idly on your couch asking the same question, dive in and discover the differences between lack of motivation vs. laziness.

Lack of Motivation

Sitting in the office meeting, everyone is excited about the new project, earning a considerable gain. However, you are not feeling a tiny bit of excitement, let alone suggesting any ideas and putting in any effort – the project doesn’t even exist for you.

You have a lack of motivation.

So, what is a lack of motivation? Simply put, a lack of motivation nearly equals a lack of passion.

“I am passionate about football; I am passionate about playing video games.” – What is this passion?

Passion is the energy keeping you moving, filling your life with purpose, pleasure, anticipation, and excitement; a powerful force inspiring you towards your goal of finding self-satisfaction; the driving force behind all the success stories of your life.

However, when your surroundings put you down, pick on you, control your every move – when you are unable to meet the expectations of others, your passion starts quitting you. Gradually, the loss of passionate sparks leads you to less motivation, and finally, ‘no motivation.’

You no longer feel motivated to put any effort, don’t find value or meaning in things you once cherished, become unresponsive and dormant with absolutely no idea of what to do with your life.


Laziness is a coping mechanism focusing on minimizing or putting off your task. You simply have this casual attitude, ‘I don’t care,’ taking things lightly to give your 100% effort.

You may think a lazy person is slow and silly. Wrong; he is indeed an intelligent person. Research also suggested that a lazy person is usually a great strategist who can work well under pressure.

As minimizing a task is his favorite, he somehow finds a loophole or shortcut to accomplish any task using his intelligence. However, most of the time, the job is undone and heavy-handed.

Research also suggested that a lazy person suffers from emotional issues that they haven’t dealt with and just put off dealing with. The “putting off” attitude eventually leads a lazy person to create a subconscious habit that he implements in every aspect of his life.

Differences Between Lack of Motivation VS Laziness

Many often ask, are lack of motivation and laziness the same? No, they are not the same. They are different; however, they can trigger and magnify each other’s status.

Lack of motivation is a lack of passion with no goals, desire, meaning, contentment, or willingness to work. On the other hand, laziness is a preference or choice to do minimum or absolutely nothing to accomplish work.

Let’s focus on other differences between lack of motivation vs. laziness.

  • Lack of motivation is a lack of passion and drive. Laziness is a coping mechanism or a choice.
  • Lack of motivation has confusion about life and the meaning of all the actions of life. Laziness has the intention of minimizing every task of life.
  • Lack of motivation is putting no effort at all. Laziness is putting as little effort as possible to get the work done.
  • Lack of motivation has no dreams, desire, or willingness to work. Laziness has the desire but isn’t willing to put enough effort.
  • Lack of motivation comprises unproductivity to break free, not for enjoyment. Laziness incorporates the joy of doing unproductive tasks.
  • Lack of motivation incorporates hard work and perfection when motivation resides. Laziness is the master of procrastination, doing what it likes, not required.
  • Lack of motivation causes you to not care for any work as you don’t see any value. Laziness has the attitude of “I don’t care.”

Are Laziness and Lack of Motivation Connected to Depression?

Depression, lack of motivation, and laziness – many people consider these three have similar aspects. However, it’s not true. These three are completely different; however, lack of motivation and laziness are connected to depression.

Differences Between Lack of Motivation vs. Laziness

Depression is a mental illness where you have no feelings of hope and desire. You lose all meaning of life, time, responsibilities, and people.

The features of depression may sound like lack of motivation and laziness; however, they are temporary. On the other hand, depression is a long-term condition that doesn’t leave you in a week or two.

Depression has several forms and layouts with distinct symptoms. However, not being formal, lack of motivation and laziness are similar to the symptoms of depression.

Some symptoms of depression are-

  • lack of interest in things you once liked
  • low energy and motivation
  • Fatigue
  • changes in sleeping patterns
  • difficulty concentrating
  • difficulty starting and finishing tasks

Many believe laziness is the lack of motivation; you are no longer lazy when motivated.

However, a loss of identity, not doing the required task, putting less effort, self-judgment, and not knowing where you fit is similar characteristics of laziness and lack of motivation. Interestingly, they are the essential traits of depression too.

In addition, the medication for depression has a connection with your lack of motivation too. Have you heard of SSRI’s lack of motivation or apathy?

Doctors usually prescribe Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) to treat depression. It can cause you a loss of motivation, energy, and curiosity. Sometimes it makes you emotionally blunt and indifferent, not being able to cry, laugh, and have positive emotion and energy.

However, apathy or loss of motivation improves when you discontinue antidepressants.

Dr. David Nazarian at Hormone Replacement Therapy, LA, is an expert in dealing with depression and hormonal issues. His suggestion, prescription, and treatment will manage your depression effectively, keeping all the adverse side effects far away.

What Is The Connection Between PTSD and Lack of Motivation?

PTSD lack of motivation – Can you have that? Can PTSD cause a lack of motivation?

Uncontrollable traumatic events may result in helplessness that provokes motivational depletion. It affects your mind, body, and soul, leaving your brain with fear, fatigue, and a lack of motivation.

In PTSD, you focus just on a repetitive view of your past. However, when you shift your perspective from the trauma story and allow your brain to focus on something pleasant in the present moment, your healing starts. It also revitalizes your motivation, initiating the greater functionality of your brain.

How to Get Motivated and Proactive?

Lack of motivation and laziness are temporary. When you detect what demotivates you and work on it, eventually, you can restore your motivation if it’s not connected to depression.

Lazy people are mostly happy with their laziness, never caring why they are lazy. However, you must acknowledge that you are not putting in enough effort to overcome laziness.

Lack of motivation and laziness both creates disconnection and disorganization in your life. Nevertheless, you can get motivated and become more active by following a few tips.

One or Few At A Time

One at a time – it always works.

A bulky to-do list can make you overwhelmed, unsettled, and lost. Therefore, focus on your top priority – completing two or three points in the list at a time.

Accomplishing the task will make you confident, motivated, and proactive.

Take a Break and Do What You Enjoy

“Do it with passion or not at all.”

Doing too many tasks leave you exhausted. Therefore, take a break. Do the things you love and enjoy – reading, a walk, hanging out with your friends, even napping. It will restore your energy and spirit.

Focus On Your Inner-self

Stay in positivity. Bid farewell to negative thoughts. Remember, “a positive mindset brings positive things.”

Therefore, the next time a negative thought comes to your mind, challenge yourself with something more positive. Instead of saying, “It’s going to be a hectic day at work today,” say – “I got to show my credibility today.”

See, the magic of positivity is already booming.

Organization Prospers

Your surroundings always influence your emotion and action. A messy home or office makes you stressed out and procrastinate.

Therefore, spend a little time organizing your surroundings – your office, home, table, essential papers, other supplies, etc. Not only will your work be flawless and fast, but also your negative thoughts will remain at bay.

Exercise Enlivens

If you want to be happy, start exercising. Nothing improves mood better than exercise, as physical workout releases endorphins. It enlivens your spirit, reduces stress, and helps you remain productive.

Bottom Line

You have one life to live; live with passion.

Lack of motivation and laziness both are life-affecting. One doesn’t let you put enough effort; another renders absolutely no effort. Therefore, automatically your life becomes hopeless and unproductive.

Now you know what the differences between lack of motivation vs. laziness are. If your life is becoming unmoving, full of despair, it’s time to seek medical attention.

Hormone Replacement Therapy, LA, is a perfect healthcare center for proper and professional guidance to manage your issue. The expert doctors will restore your spirit and motivation with total energy and strength to be proactive and productive.

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