The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) provides an online database of healthcare providers who specialize in HRT. This database can be used to search for an HRT doctor based on location, insurance coverage, and other criteria. Once the appropriate doctor is located, contact information is provided to make an appointment. It is important to research the doctor’s background before deciding on a provider to ensure that they are certified and qualified for HRT.


Additionally, you can contact Hormone Replacement Therapy LA to book appointment with Dr. David Nazarian. Dr. Nazarian is an award-winning hormone replacement specialist recognized for his holistic, diagnostic, and prognostic approach. Find out about the advanced treatment modalities that make him a specialist in this field.

Yes. It’s 424-283-4273. You can also send us your queries at

At Hormone Replacement Therapy LA, our doctor will first consult with you and discuss any underlying medical conditions or potential risks associated with the therapy. Dr. Nazarian may also discuss the dosage that may be best for your particular situation.


Depending on the type of HRT being considered, it may also be necessary to obtain prior authorization from your insurance provider.